Here's What We Came Up With... Little Companions

Like most companies, MacroLogic, Inc. participates in trade shows along with several other types of vendor events each year. We thought why not use these venues to help spread the word and get people and organizations involved with CodeRed Cares.

After thinking about what we could do at these shows rather than just have hats or stuffed animals to hand out, in other words, the usual. We decided to let everyone there know of our goal to provide these little companions to EMS Services around the country to carry in their ambulances for those Patients they feel may be comforted or soothed by these soft little critters. Feel free to take one at our booth, but we would appreciate a donation to the little companions, or at least take part in our hat trade-in program.

Hat trade-in program? Yep, exactly like it sounds. If you want one of our hats you need to either give us your hat, or donate at least $20 to the CodeRed Cares little companions fund. 100% of all donations received will be used strictly for the purpose of providing these little companions to EMS Responders.

If you would like to have your EMS Service included to receive these little companions, or become a CodeRed Cares Partner, please send your contact information to:

Donations to help provide these little companions can also be mailed directly to:

                          CodeRed Cares c/o MacroLogic, Inc.
                          300 West 4th Street Suite J
                          Eureka, MO 63025.